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Standard Tax Return

(30 minutes)
$ 150.00

Standard Tax Return x 2

(1 hour)
$ 300.00

Non Standard

More complex circumstances than normal e.g. ABN income, 5 payment summaries or more; 10 tax deductible receipts or more, investment income/sale, equipment depreciation, motor vehicle logbook expenses etc. Price will be confirmed at appointment.

(1 hour)

Rental Property

Includes wage/salary income & expenses. Each additional rental property (after the first) is + $130.

(1 hour)
$ 280.00


Choose this if none of the above apply or if you wish to book a consultation. A price (if applicable) will be confirmed at start of appointment.

(1 hour)

Student Tax Return

Full time student (including part time working).

(30 minutes)
$ 110.00